The English version of Reactor Lab is the most complete and up-to-date version. When downloaded, the Reactor Lab is supplied with a few lab modules. Additional modules can be obtained by going “on line” in the Lab and connecting the Lab to the Internet. Click here for info about quizzes. Only Windows OS versions are available here. For other platforms, get the open-source version at GitHub.

English version (link)

The dynamic Catalyst Pellet is a separate download. This is a simulation of dynamic reaction & diffusion during CO oxidation in a porous catalyst pellet. See the Screenshots & videos link above for a movie showing this simulation.

Catalyst Pellet (link)

The Spanish and Portuguese versions of Reactor Lab haven’t been updated in many years.

Español (link)       Português (link)

SimzLab – The SimzLab project closed in June 2015. This is an archival copy. Reactor Lab has been removed from this copy and the “on line” functions do not work. This archival copy of SimzLab contains working copies of PureWaterLab, the Control Lab, and a heat exchanger simulation.

SimzLab (link)

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