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Download Reactor Lab Catalyst Pellet

Reactor Lab Catalyst Pellet is available at no cost to you.

It is a lightweight application that is self-contained in a single folder. You can download and use it without being an administrator.

To uninstall, just delete the folder.

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  Windows (1.2 MB)
Note to Mac OS users: The lab no longer works on Macs.

Notes to Windows OS users:

On Windows Vista do NOT run the Catalyst Pellet.

On Windows 7 the app needs to run in Compatibility mode for Win XP. The installer tries to set this. If you need to change the the Compatibility mode, quit the application, right-click on the file "Catalyst Pellet.exe", select Properties. As shown in the image below, select the Compatibility tab, check box & select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)," click the Apply button, then close the Properties window and start the application.

On Windows 8 the app can run with or without the compatibility mode set. The app has been tested on Windows versions 7 and 8. It should also run on Windows XP and 98.

win 7 compatibility