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Reactor temperature control - controller directly manipulates jacket T

A 1st-order, essentially irreversible reaction in a continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR). The controller directly varies the heat transfer jacket temperature to control reactor temperature. Reactor volume = 0.1 m3, density = 1000 kg/m3, heat capacity = 2.0 kJ/kg/K. Click the Run button to start. Hit the enter key or click out of field after changing inputs. Copy data button displays plot data in popup window.

At default values in manual mode with constant inputs, the system oscillates. Then put into Auto Control.

Enter reaction ∆H (kJ/mol)

Enter reaction ∆Ea (kJ/mol)

Enter reaction k300 (1/s)

Enter jacket UA (kJ/s/K)

Enter feed conc. (mol/m3)

Enter feed T (K)

Enter feed flow rate (m3/s)

Enter jacket T (K)

Enter reset time (> 0 s)

Enter controller gain

Enter reactor T set point (K)