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Richard K. Herz is the author of the Lab. He is a professor in the Department of NanoEngineering at the University of California, San Diego - UCSD. His students used the first module in 1993, and he has been developing the Lab ever since. -- email: herz@ucsd.edu -- home page at UCSD (opens in new window)

Ivan Gagné is a junior chemical engineering major at UCSD. He joined the project in May 2002 and his assignment is to bring some graphic excitement to the project through 3D reactor models and animation. He is also developing a simulation of a fuel cell.

Diego Trujillo graduated from UCSD in December 2003. He joined the project in August 2002 and helped develop a simulation of an adiabatic accelerating rate calorimeter.

We also have volunteers who have supplied translations of the text into other languages and have helped in the development of lab modules. UCSD chemical engineering students have used the Lab in their courses and have provided valuable feedback.

YOU can help in many ways by sending us: comments via email, photos and images of reactors, suggestions for new labs (variable definitions and model equations even), ...

Financial Support

The National Science Foundation is helping to support development of the Lab through award DUE-0125076, starting in March 2002 through February 2005. Our sponsor is NSF's Division of Undergraduate Education - Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement Program DUE - CCLI.

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