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March, 2018 marks 25 years of Reactor Lab. Our objective is to encourage active learning with interactive simulations. Our current focus is on simulations that run on the web. Below is a quick example, which you are invited to test. More Web Labs here.  

Click the React button to conduct the reaction.

Then Empty, Fill and React again.

What do you see?

continued below…



The image is a schematic cross section of a cylindrical reactor and outer, annular heat exchange jacket. This type of reactor is called a batch reactor, since it makes product in batches vs. continuously. The reactant is blue. The product is red. The reaction rate is directly proportional to the reactant concentration. This means that the rate is fast initially and then slows down as reactant is converted to product. The composition at equilibrium is almost all product in this example.

The temperature of the reactor contents is uniform spatially due to good mixing, and is held constant by a control system and heat transfer to the fluid circulating in the heat transfer jacket.

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