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Web Courses Prototype


This is a "rich Internet application" that allows working on and offline with course modules. Its development started in 2001 and this version was released in 2003 for the Engineering Research Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing. The prototype was written by Richard K. Herz of the University of California at San Diego, with partial support from the Center and the National Science Foundation. In this prototype, only a few of the capabilities and minimal graphics and media types are demonstrated. Also see our paper on choices for deployment of interactive simulations in the Tools section of this web site.

The prototype is written in the cross-platform, rapid development tool "Revolution" by Runtime Revolution. Revolution developers can download the main stacks of the prototype HERE. The stack "erc_engine.rev" is the "splash" stack that gets made into the platform-specific standalone application. Modules accessed on the server are archived in the "support" folder. Archived modules an be accessed offline and are automatically updated when new versions are posted on the server. Also see the Tools section of this web site for a general description of building a rich Internet application with Revolution.

A compressed archive file of the standalone application for Windows OS can be downloaded HERE.  After download, double-click the archive file to expand it. Open the folder produced by expansion of the archive. All files related to the prototype are contained in this folder and all downloaded files will be placed in this folder.  Double-click the application file "erc_engine.exe."  After the "directory" opens, click the "Work on line"  button.  Select a server in the directory, view the list of modules available at that server, and then click a module to run it.  Modules available offline are labeled "(local)" in the directory.

A few screen shots:







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