More analysis of files downloaded from RESOURCES

We analyzed the raw log from October 31 through November 11 of 2021, subtracting web bots and spiders.

Of 764 unique users who accessed at least one PDF, only 80 did anything on the site other than access a PDF (view or download).

Two reasons probably contribute to this result: (1) some users are accessing single pages found in a browser search, and (2) some instructors are posting direct links to individual PDFs in the RESOURCES section.

That is easy to do in making reading assignments but deprives students of seeing all the other material on this web site.

I request that instructors post a link to our Home Page with each assignment and encourage students to look around the site.

Maybe even ask students to turn in a response to a question, such as what the conversion of reactant is when the temperature is set to 300 for the home page reactor.

A big THANK YOU to instructors who do this!