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“Copy data” buttons in labs open popup windows with a table of your experimental data, which can be copied and pasted into an analysis program. If you don’t see these, change your browser’s preferences to allow popups.

  • Lab 8 – Dynamic simulation of an adiabatic packed-bed reactor with feed-product heat exchange. This combines the units in labs 6 and 7. The system has feedback of energy and can exhibit multiple steady states and hysteresis. This system is related to an autothermal reactor.

  • Lab 7 – Dynamic simulation of a packed bed reactor with heat exchange.

  • Lab 7 Quiz – Quiz version of Lab 7 in which you do experiments, analyze data, and check for correct answers.

  • Lab 6 – Dynamic simulation of a heat exchanger, both co- and counter-current. No reactions but you should find this interesting.

    heat exchanger
  • Lab 2 – Dynamic diffusion and reaction in a porous solid catalyst.

  • Lab 9 – Hysteresis and multiple steady states in catalytic CSTRs in series. The catalyst is that of Lab 2, model 2.

  • Lab 15 – PFR – Plug Flow Reactor simulation – n-th order reaction.
  • Lab 14 – CSTR – Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor simulation – n-th order reaction.
  • Lab 13 – Batch reactor simulation – n-th order reaction.