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New!   A Reactor Lab Web Lab with interactive simulation of dynamic reaction-diffusion in a porous catalyst.

These are links to Reactor Lab’s resources for a graduate course in Chemical Reaction Engineering, or CRE. Topics include dynamics of CSTRs, surface reaction kinetics, reaction and diffusion in porous catalysts, and reaction and diffusion in Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

Dynamics of reactions

  • see CRE Notes, 15 – CSTR thermal effects, for dynamics of this reactor type
  • Pendulum notes – simple mechanical oscillator used as analogy
  • Pendulum simulation at our Web Labs (click web browser back button to return here)
  • Oregonator oscillating reaction model – description
  • Oregonator – waves

Heterogeneous catalysis

Free online textbook by Lanny Schmidt (link), free from UCSD IP address or through UCSD VPN (link). See especially Chapter 7, Catalytic Reactors and Mass Transfer.

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

Discussion of Komiyama, et al. (1999). Link to the paper on Science Direct, free from UCSD IP address or through UCSD VPN (link).