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More analysis of files downloaded from RESOURCES

We analyzed the raw log from October 31 through November 11 of 2021, subtracting web bots and spiders.

Of 764 unique users who accessed at least one PDF, only 80 did anything on the site other than access a PDF (view or download).

Two reasons probably contribute to this result: (1) some users are accessing single pages found in a browser search, and (2) some instructors are posting direct links to individual PDFs in the RESOURCES section.

That is easy to do in making reading assignments but deprives students of seeing all the other material on this web site.

I request that instructors post a link to our Home Page with each assignment and encourage students to look around the site.

Maybe even ask students to turn in a response to a question, such as what the conversion of reactant is when the temperature is set to 300 for the home page reactor.

A big THANK YOU to instructors who do this!

Top files downloaded from RESOURCES

We were interested in which notes in the RESOURCES section are being used. The data here are for the month of October, 2021.

We are happy the notes in Resources are being found useful. Please let us know your thoughts via email to

The top 10 countries for download bandwidth are, in order most to least: USA, India, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Philippines, Japan, Great Britain, Russia, Germany.

Top 20 files accessed (viewed or downloaded):

# Downloads, File
221, CRE Notes 13 – intro to PFRs
217, CRE Notes 7 – data analysis
216, CRE Notes 14 – intro to CSTRs
213, CRE Notes 16 – more reactors
181, CRE Notes 9 – thermal effects
139, CRE Notes 12 – multiple reactions
106, CRE Notes 15 – CSTR thermal effects
104, COCO simulator, Part 1 – flash drum
83, Matlab, material balances
80, CRE Notes 11 – semi-batch
72, GRAD CRE Notes, oregonator description
67, GRAD CRE Notes, Reaction and diffusion in porous catalysts
60, Matlab, array vs matrix ops
54, Matlab, bouncing ball eqns
48, CRE Notes 4 – integration
47, CRE Notes 13-A – methanol reactor model
47, GRAD CRE Notes, ammonia synthesis kinetics
39, Matlab, hex 15_12.txt
38, Control notes, 4. transfer functions
38, GRAD CRE Notes, effectiveness greater than one

The Web Labs are being used each day

We counted the number of runs in each of the Web Labs for the 13.4 days of Mon, 18 Oct 2021 21:16 to Mon, 1 Nov 2021 11:00

The reactor on the Home Page is seeing an average of 45 runs per day.

Lab 7, the Plug Flow Reactor is seeing an average of 30 runs per day during this period. Every Web Lab has been used.

We are happy the Web Labs are being found useful. Please let us know your thoughts via email to

600 runs, Home Page reactor
406 runs, Lab 7, Plug Flow Reactor, including 7 Quiz for this period
271 runs, Lab 9, Hysteresis and multiple steady states in catalytic CSTRs in series
103 runs, Lab 13, Batch reactor, isothermal, nth order reaction
101 runs, Lab 3, Reactor T control with Tj inlet
83 runs, Lab 1, Water Tank Level Control
63 runs, Lab 14, CSTR, isothermal, nth order reaction
52 runs, Lab 15, PFR reactor, isothermal, nth order reaction
47 runs, Lab 5, Bioreactor Control
35 runs, Lab 18, Teddy Token blockchain
22 runs, Lab 000, Artificial Zoo, with the Dragon most popular
16 runs, Lab 00, Pendulum
10 runs, Lab 17, Cryptographic hash
9 runs, Lab 2, Dynamic diffusion and reaction in a porous solid catalyst
8 runs, Lab 8, Plug Flow Reactor + Heat Exchanger
7 runs, Lab FF, Forest fire
6 runs, Lab 0, Swarm of Objects
6 runs, Lab 16, RSA encryption
2 runs, Lab 1A, Level Control, two tanks in series
2 runs, Lab 4, Reactor T control with Tj
2 runs, Lab 6, Heat Exchanger