The desktop version of Reactor Lab provides a variety of chemical reactor simulations which illustrate important aspects of Chemical Reaction Engineering, CRE. The interactive simulations are useful for class demonstrations and exercises. Many labs have quizzes which provide each student with unique inputs for which they can solve and turn in to the instructor. Course notes are at the RESOURCES menu tab.

Also visit our site on GitHub for source code and other material:

The links below are for Windows computers. For use on Mac and Linux, see the note at the bottom of this page.

The English version of Reactor Lab is the most complete version.

Reactor Lab (link)

The dynamic Catalyst Pellet is a simulation of dynamic reaction & diffusion during CO oxidation in a porous catalyst pellet. See the Videos, Screenshots & Reports link above for a movie showing this simulation.

Catalyst Pellet (link)

Also see Web Lab 2, “Dynamic diffusion and reaction in a porous solid catalyst” on the Web Labs page, Reactors. See on GitHub, shop plans, photos and publications for the Dynamic Diffusion Reactor, which is used to measure gas composition at the outside and the center of a porous catalyst pellet under dynamic conditions,

The Spanish and Portuguese versions of Reactor Lab haven’t been updated in many years.

Español (link)       Português (link)

SimzLab – The SimzLab project closed in 2015. This is an archival copy. Reactor Lab has been removed from this copy and the “on line” functions do not work. This archival copy of SimzLab contains working copies of PureWaterLab, the Control Lab, and a heat exchanger simulation.

SimzLab (link)

Cross-platform versions of all projects on this page, except the non-English language versions, are available at our GitHub site The files are cross-platform compatible: you can run them on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Here are instructions on how to run the versions at GitHub: get-RL-at-github.pdf. Also read the Wikis for those projects.