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See our new Web Labs in the menu bar above. Our current focus is development of Web Labs, and development of the desktop Reactor Lab, which is still usable, has ended.

The Reactor Lab is a desktop app that provides simulations of a variety of chemical reactors. The Lab is useful in teaching Chemical Reaction Engineering. Students can actively learn about chemical reactions and reactors by performing experiments and analyzing data – quickly, safely, and inexpensively. The program can be downloaded free of charge. The Lab is not a general purpose simulator; if you have specific needs, contact us at (Richard K. Herz)

When downloaded from this site, the desktop Reactor Lab is supplied with a few lab modules. Additional modules can be obtained by going “on line” in the Lab and connecting the Lab to the Internet.

The Lab has been developed by Richard K. Herz and his students at the University of California, San Diego, since 1993. The Lab has been downloaded by students from over 100 countries.

A brief history of the development of Reactor Lab through 2006 is available at LiveCode Journal (link). The article refers to Revolution, which was LiveCode’s previous name. On the Videos, Screen shots & Reports page are links to annual reports which explain the philosophy, design and features of this project.

Our earlier project SimzLab, which includes PureWaterLab and the Control Lab, is also available on the Download page. Support for development of the Lab has been received from the U.S. National Science Foundation and the UCSD Academic Senate.

The desktop Reactor Lab and SimzLab software are open-source projects. View our open-source projects at https://github.com/RichardHerz. Contact us if you are interested in using these versions or learning more about the structure and the code. Reactor Lab is constructed with the open-source, Community Edition of LiveCode, which can be obtained at https://livecode.org.