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Which is the “best” computer language? That’s like asking which is the best spoken language. That depends on what country you’re in and what you can speak. So the best computer language depends on what you want to do, what you already know, and how long it might take to learn a new language vs. making the one you know work.

If you are a scientist or engineer, maybe Matlab is best. If you are writing a new operating system, maybe C or C++ is best (very flexible, can do anything). If you are simulating air flow over an aircraft, maybe Fortran is best (less flexible, helps prevent math errors – and keeps plane flying). If you are writing a native Mac app, maybe Swift is best. If you are writing a cross-platform app for Mac, Windows, Linux and mobile phones, maybe LiveCode is best. If you are building a web site, maybe Python or Ruby and one of their web platforms is best. If you are writing an interactive web page, maybe Javascript is best.  If your boss makes you use Excel, then you get to program in Visual Basic (VBA). If you want to learn the basics of computer languages for general knowledge, maybe Scratch is best.

You get the idea. All languages have their own strengths. The good thing is that, once you learn your first language, learning others will come a lot faster because most of the logic is the same.

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