Web app experiments

Web app experiments have been added to the Resources page. These are experiments using HTML5 and Javascript to do interactive simulations in a web page. We are just getting started with these experiments.

Reactor Lab is a desktop app with Internet connectivity. Is that the best way to do things, or should we move to web apps?

A nice set of web apps has been written by Professor Anthony Butterfield at the University of Utah. Anthony did his MS in Chemical Engineering at UCSD with our faculty. Here is a LINK to his web site with web apps.

3 thoughts on “Web app experiments

  1. Hi Richard,

    Have you done any further experiments with Livecode html5 since 2015 – interested in your thoughts on the viability of this approach to web deployment.

    ~ Rodney

    1. Rodney, I haven’t done anything more with LiveCode HTML5 since my one experiment with it. I’ve decided to work with JavaScript and my crude attempts at CSS. That shouldn’t be taken as a negative for LC HTML5, since I haven’t followed it’s development and since I’ve moved into a hobbyist mode in retirement. Since much of my coding is focused on numerical methods, JS works well for me and is currently much faster than LiveCode script for those computations. Thanks for your interest. Rich

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